1st Kansas Home Inspector Board Meeting

The 1st Kansas Home Inspector Board Meeting is set up for 10/27/08 at 9:30 AM in Wichita. Downtown at the Finney State Office Bldg.

Who is going? Nick had better be there, if he wants his orginization involved. If not, Barnes will just vote in his ASHI rules and standards. Goodbye iNACHI in Kansas.

Here’s more.


InterNACHI will be an approved assocation which is where I get off the train.

After that, it’s up to individual members like Gary Farnsworth to see to it that their state’s licensing board develops rules they favor. The rules the board adopts will of course apply to all inspectors evenly and so InterNACHI doesn’t take a stand on such matters.

You promised to change the rules they don’t like, Nick.

As far as NACHI being approved, the rule will require that an association have at least 10 members in 40 states to qualify. Once you have provided the state with that information, you can send a copy to PHIC for automatic acceptance in PA.

NACHI’s approval is a non-issue to home inspectors in Kansas.

Are you friggin kidding me!! WICHITA??? Sure make the announcement with one business day notice. A 3 hr drive from KC, and no time to set up a meeting before hand. Uh Nick, were you given advanced notice of this? If so, it sure would have been nice to hear about it a little sooner. If not, well chalk another one up to Barnsy. How much you guys want to bet that he’s gonna present the grand plan, all laid out in perfect detail? Just another f*nking con job by the master dick.

This is to Ashole’ Barney, you like to play on this BB, what you didn’t have the gonads to make an announcement here??

Sorry guys, no meeting in KC before hand, no time.

We certainly stand ready to fight, and will succeed at correcting, any rule that might harm InterNACHI members in particular or indirectly financially profit any board members.

Didn’t you promise these guys your attendance at the first board meeting, Nick?

Jim, this first board meeting, supposedly, will be for the board to elect the officers. I will need to be at meeting #3.

Paul, no, I was given notice at the same time Dan was.

Interesting word.

Proactive leaders and associations rarely use it, however.

Meeting #3 will be too late. All the nails will be in the coffin. The coffin will be inplace at the gravesite waiting to be lowered. You planning on delivering a Eulogy?

Paul, as you know, I’ve been in communication with the board members. Can you please give me a scenario of what you would find objectionable? I’ll make sure the board treats all inspectors fairly… poorly maybe… but equally poor.

What is your worst fear?

The BOARD, inspector Barney as the leader, the attorney and real estate agent. All snake eyes no matter how you roll em. You thought Jersey was bad, well just take a seat and watch it morph.

I happen to know that at least 1 inspector member on the board is a stand up guy.


Nick…will you be able to provide the Kansas Board (made up of members of a phony coalition) the “membership” numbers they need that you have refused to provide PHIC, another phony coalition?

By its bylaws, does iNACHI actually have “members” or are we called something else?

Yes, we will be providing the Kansas Board with whatever they want as they are a legal government body, unlike PHIC which is a private scam http://www.nachi.org/jailtime.htm

You wouldn’t think a Board would have 3 of their 5 members travel as much as 3.5 - 4 hours to get to a meeting just to introduce themselves AND maybe have someone say something like:

**“Hi, I’m Earl - I helped push this ***POS ***Bill onto the home inspectors, my favorite color is green and I live in … what’s your name”? **

“I’m gonna be the new President, cause the realestators and Luca Bello told me they’d put me on the throne if I went along with their program”.

“I’ve been good, now its their time to deliver”. “Lets elect Bod Officers”.

Thats a long drive for that alone. Who on this Board is a betting man?

I’ll bet a steak dinner at Longbranch or Texas Roadhouse that after the APPOINTMENT (not election) of HI Bod Officers is held, SOMEONE on the HI Board will **miraculously **have already thought up a lengthy bunch of RULES or STANDARDS he wants to adopt and push through so as to not waste the Bod members time OR since they’ve come so far …

I’d even go so far as to guess that many of these rules would be written to be favorable to 1 association over others. I’d like very much to be wrong, but sadly think I won’t be.

Oh by the way,has anybody in Kansas but me NOTICED that as soon as the Kansas Bill went though MOST emails from Jeff Barnes / KAREI are coming from Juanita Sanderson.

Jeff is in Wichita on the SW corner of Kansas - Juanita is on the East side of Kansas (in Leavenworth). Thats 3 hours away from Wichita.

Someone told me that Juanita Sanderson works for Tom Lauhon at his Home Inspection training school in Leavenworth, KS. Two (2) of the instructors at Toms School in Leavenworth are currently on **ASHI’s National Board of Directors (Miki Mertz and Ron Rusch). **Somebody also pointed out that **Tom is an Alternate Director on ASHI’s National Board and Miki is supposedly a Director on the KAREI group. **

Wow, now thats sure a wild coincidence.

I wonder if any of that could be GUIDING the direction of the HI Bill or of Jeff Barnes actions. Now I feel ashamed for even thinking those type of thoughts. How silly of me.

Everyone wants to make money and have power. Does not make any difference how many inspections that you have performed, or how long you have been an inspector. We will all have to attend these schools every year, no matter the cost. We will have to be a member of some orginization. I bet we will get discounts to these national agencies when we attend this school. I wonder which one(s). The Kansas home inspection rules will be set at the first meeting. After 9 years of trying to put this bill forward, the rules are already set by these “people”, and are ready to go. They will sit down, say has everybody read the lists? Yes. Vote. Meeting over. Consumer loses. RE and everyone else will shake hands, and go home. Control of the industry is at hand.

What I still find so amazing is that 1 or 2 other industries (the realtors and trial attorneys) have spent years trying to push legislation on another industry (us). They have put rules or requirements on us that they would pitch a hissie if someone tried to PUSH onto them (can’t use language that limits our liability / E&O ins, etc).

What is so AMAZING to me is that no other groups like the Justice Dept, news media, the general public, the AOG’s office, etc has raised an eyebrow over it.

They just want to squash us, just like a bug, so they can get their way. Look at Texas. Now, TREC wants the same forms used, same SOP, same languages, etc. Control of our industry is at hand.