Here Comes The Kansas Bill

In Kansas they’re re-introduced HB-2315 from last year. Same everything - except we’ve seen memo’s from KAR where the Realtors have re-written language.

So it seems they may not putting out the real deal.

They’ve set up hearings for 2/6 & 2/7 at 9:15 AM in Topeka. They’ve not set up 2 days worth before. Must be planning for a fight OR plan on Realtors bussing in tons of folks to tell their horror stories about BAD home boys.

If we can give you a hand in anyway just let us know.

I am pleased that our association is mentioned in the bill

I’m also thrilled that the State of Kansas has reaffirmed the wisdom of the Master Inspector Certification Board (CMI)'s 1,000 inspection requirement by requiring the very same thing of their own licensing board members (page 3, line 42 & 43 of the Bill).

YES - Everybody is mentioned. In fact the Realtors last year actually had language in there that insisted that the HI Board have 1 member from each major home inspection group: NACHI, ASHI & NAHI.

BUT - we’re told a certain ASHI member in the group the KAR was secretly working with to draft the Bill talked them into changing the language in the Bill to just saying 3 home inspectors. Imagine the Realtors being more fair to other inspectors than this group of guys (or maybe just 1 guy). I think the guy bragged to the legislators, realtors or other inspectors that would listen about how his dog got certified by NACHI.

I always wondered, EVEN if his dog did manage to get certified by NACHI - who filled out the application; signed it; wrote the check; and took the test on the computer for the dog. Sounds like either 99 yards of BS or a MUCH less than honorable type inspector.

I think the HI group pushing the Bill with the Realtors are hoping their realtor buddies can use their political influence to land the Board spots for their guys.

Actually, the ASHI ahole legitimately joined InterNACHI, then requested that we change his first name to his nickname, which of course we learned later was his dog’s name. We’ve since struck a deal with a national law firm licensed in all 50 states. The firm gets 100% of everything they collect when they file libel/slander suits on our behalf such as Publicly disparage InterNACHI… lose your home.

I think all of my neighbors should be licensed; MO also. It is easier with Vaseline;)

Time to implement Plan A, Dan.

Good luck.

Interesting bill. Has a few conflicts. Key points.

1 - You can pick your SoP
2 - liability limited to 12 months (very short)
3 - liability limited to $1,000 (insurance providers should be leaping for joy)

Weakness. A bundled service company (lawn, pest, pool, handyman) can do FREE inspections without being licensed and use home inspection to sell product.

Defintion of defect includes value. That is a dangerous term and needs to be tempered by an SoP.

I do like number 1, 2 and 3 above however.


Attractive bills entice support from the opposition so as to become law…then future modifications can be made to appease the trial attorneys wanting no dollar limits, no time limits, and mandatory E&O.

They probably learned that from watching how successful it played in Texas.

Actually last year the Realtors at the next-to-the last minute raised the $1,000 to $15,000 - then at the last minute the Trial Attorneys stepped and AND tried to raise the Limits to "The Skys The Limit AND something like 3-4 Years on time. That helped the committee to drop the Bill on the floor.

We’ve been told by reliable inside sources that this year the KAR or their lobbying forces are asking the other players to sit on the sidelines: “Don’t mess it up this year - Hold back - Lets us get them in the corral first”.

Oh Boy, get out the KY-jelly.

I noticed you on the Okla roster as being licensed in this State appears as if you may have two in your pocket when all is said and done. I have been through this twice once in 1975 with the licensing of HVAC and 2002 with HI. All of the ranting and yelling will not stop this from happening once the politicians are convinced it is the right thing to do. Before its over all 50 states will require licensing.

My only regret about licensing was I did not get involved in the SOP process I waited to long to apply for a board position the ASHI strong hold in OKC had already line up about 4 deep. My suggestion would be to get your hat in the board ring as early as possible if you can not stop it at least control some of the input. KY Jelly is better than dry.

Wrong end of the state Charley.

Sorry Charley, thats the opposite end of the state

Don’t matter no further than Ponca City to OKC Would of gladly driven If I could of got on the board. Water under the bridge now

We were told today that the Realtors are bussing in agents from around the state (especially agents in the committees voting district) to tell HI horror stories - thats why they’ve got it set up for 2 days. They’re trying to stack the decks.

Use this as proof…to demonstrate your point…that their attempt to dominate home inspectors is an effort to legislate themselves into bigger sales and fewer “blown deals”.

You have the results of a scientifically conducted survey of HIs from two years ago that should play well in response to their KAR orchestrated and rehearsed presentations.

Actually several other states required insurance long before Texas. I think Texas learned from other states. Texas has liability 2 years from point of discovery for all trades, not just home inspection.

Regulation is inevitable. Getting appointed to a board does nothing to stop industry decline. Last minute legislation by PACS with $$$ make the rules.

Home inspection is set up to be the property condition patsy at the expense of 90 hour training school graduates with insurance. It really is that simple. But you know all that . . . your posts are astute.

Hereis an interesting case where tax dollars are spent setting real estate salespeople to oversee home inspectors…and then more tax dollars spent, later, after seeing how it’s a bad idea.

You might be able to use this, Kansas.

The Realtors got this Registration Bill pushed out of committee this AM.

We can not use any language in service agreements that would limit our liability to under $10,000. Gosh thats a relief. Realtors were willing to settle for that, the trial attorneys wanted the sky.

They want mandatory E&O insurance OR a non-revocable letter of credit for $10,000 OR a Trust Fund like Agent have of $10,000.

The Board would be 5 people. One a realtor; 1 general public; and 3 HI’s. The HI’s would need 5 yrs HI experience immediately before the Bill is enacted; 1,000 inspections; and I’m told probably 5 yrs residency in Kansas. etc

In looking at NAHI & NACHI inspectors, that rules out most I can see for various reasons such as: they’ve done it for 10 yrs but Moved across the state line last year and only lived in Kansas for 1 year, etc, etc. That could mean only ASHI guys qualify for the Kansas Board - Maybe I read it wrong.

Oh well, the ASHI guy (Jeff Barnes) thats been working with the realtors on the Bill will surely straighten that out and take care of the other 2 groups.

You can always trust those ASHI leaders to do the right thing.

Remember, Dan. Always take the “high road” and do nothing to interfere with our brethren. We are NACHI and that is all it takes to make the world a better place to live. Fighting against ASHI’s efforts is an evil thing to do.