2 100 amp breakers panels off a 200 amp main

I haven’t seen this before and was just wondering how much draw this would have on the main panel. The main panel was a 200 amp service panel with (2) 100 amp subpanels jumping off the main panel.

TomFranklin-SlateHill 140.JPG

TomFranklin-SlateHill 148.JPG

TomFranklin-SlateHill 144.JPG

TomFranklin-SlateHill 146.JPG

The 2-100 amps subs off of the 200 amp service are fine as long as the calculated connected loads aren’t exceeded. There are other issues like the NM cables entering in the chase nipple or squeeze connector at the top.

I doubt the bus stab ratings allow the 100’s to be on the same stabs.

Yep! Looks like that.
Jim…If they moved one of the doubles down would that work?

If you offset one 100 by 2 spaces it should be under the stab rating limit. Check the cable for the limits.