2/12/2007- QOD - Electrical

The question is a simple YES or NO question.

Question : Do you feel you truly understand the purpose of a Ground Rod?

Notice : HI’s Only Please…:slight_smile:

Yes, I mean No. Well not really no, but yes and no. Or is it no and yes.
well no, but maybe yes as in “Yesterday, All my troubles seemed so far away” but no to the yes and yes to the no. No I didn’t vote for yes and Yes I did not vote for no. What’s a man suppose to do with so many yes and no choices. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. I’m loosing my mind, yes or no. yes or no…yes or no…yes or no…yes or no…yes or no…yes or no…Help stop the madness. What do I vote…:smiley:

lol…so…yes or no…:slight_smile:

OK…when this POLL expires I want someone from the YES crowd ( other than a Current or Previous Electrician ) to post a answer.

I DO NOT want someone who knows the answer and simply wishes to be a smart A$$…I want someone from the YES crowd to actually state what they think the purpose of the Ground Rod is…and it TOTAL function.

Man Paul you have a lot of wants.

Mostly UFER’s here, ground rod is sooooo Ben Franklin

Whewwwww. Glad I voted No. Now I don’t have to participate in the exam. :smiley:

lol…FUNNY MAN Mr. Bowman…lol…Yes I am a WANTER brian as my wife has said that since we met.

OK…now it is time for someone who voted YES that is NOT an Electrician by Trade, in a past life or a student of the moving electrons to explain what they think the ACTUAL intent of the Ground Rod is for.

Someone step forward…:slight_smile:

NO…Not you Electricians ( I can just see Speedy, Marc & Greg, Tom and Roy grabbin at the BIT as I type…lol )

Not me, brother. I already concede that a ground rod is mostly a worthless effort.

lolol…SHHHHH…now you are answering the question fella…lol…Damn Electricians

Yer gonna probably have to the let the smart a$$ answer it now…no one else is gonna want to.:wink:

Fine then :smiley:

The grounding electrode system is a method by which the neutral
and grounding conductors are connected to the common “earth”
reference. The connection from the electrical system to the
grounding system is made in only one place to avoid ground

The grounding electrode system is specifically not
expected to have enough conductivity to trip a 15A breaker.

The grounding electrode often has a moderately high
resistance. For example, according to the NEC, an acceptable
ground electrode system may have 25 ohms of resistance - only
5A at 120V, not enough to trip a 15A breaker.

AHH…nice Brian but you did not explain what a GROUND ROD is technically FOR…:slight_smile:

BUT…Brian STEPPED up the plate with some GOOD info…now the 83% of the people who KNOW exactly the intent of the Ground Rod…come forward please…:wink:

Worthless effort for sure! driving Ground rods with a hammer .
(Broke more handles htting the rod with the wood)
Just sort of ticked me off when I was driving a ten foot rod on a hot day one more foot to go and just over there I see the tip of the rod comming back out of the ground.
Glad to see the invention of the big old Cango hammer drill it sure improved putting in grnd rods.

Roy Cooke

Here’s my head chop away-

It serves as the equipotential point of referance for the building.
All electircal circuits, water lines, gas lines(in some jursidictions), and exposed metal that are bonded to this point should be at the same potential with referance to “earth” assuming good connections and adequate conductor sizes and that the ground rods are in moist soil.

I wont CHOP…good theory but not exactly correct…BUT this what I want and NO ONE should feel they can’t guess either…this is education people…lets Educate…

WE have to understand that WE LEARN MOST by people like Brian and Micheal taking STABS at it…look it is NOT a ego thing…education and ego’s should be left at the door…lets learn people…

Both of you…THANK YOU…someone else please add to this…HI’s please

It (the grounding rod/electrode) provides the path that limits the voltage potential from outside forces; lightning, cross-overs, surges, etc.

remove the “voltage potential” portion and it would be a true statement.