2 Banks Called Yesterday...

Both major national chains asking for the same thing: Specific Inspections. They want to sit down and go over some options and pricing. One on Monday morning, the other in the afternoon.

So I guess I’m left wondering what type of inspection(s) these banks would want? And what should I charge? High or Low?

I’ve never marketed to these banks or any bank for that matter. Has anyone here done jobs for a bank? What kind of inspection did you do and how did you set your fees???

Any insight would make me sweat less!


You’re sweating/worrying about something that hasn’t even happened yet! Relax! Enjoy your weekend! Call them Monday and see what they want and go from there.

It could be Safety and Health Inspections. However, keep us posted, I would like to know what they refer to ‘Specific Inspections’ maybe something I would like to do in my area.

Thanks guys. I just hate walking into something without more information!
This is gunna drive me nuts! Lol

They are probably going to want a super detailed report and pay you very little money.

Now that your expectations are low, enjoy your weekend, and maybe it’ll pleasantly surprise you and it could be a good deal.

I did one yesterday for a national bank. They were looking for a complete home inspection detailing major defects. foreclosed home so they need to know if it’s worth selling or not. I charged them full price.

Have done several of these over the years. To me it’s a standard inspection.

Ditto…I’ve done the same, price wasn’t really a concern.

Perhaps another consideration - I have done them for the bank regarding “slum lords” that have had neglected to maintain properties with years of outstanding work orders.

In one instance the multiple family unit was a well known drug/crack house.

Shortly after inspecting the house based on the outstanding health, safety and structural concerns it was demolished by the city with co-operation with the bank.

Thanks Claude, I’ve never considered that. Thanks again for the advice all of you. We will see tomorrow how it goes!

Happy St. Patty’s !

Same here. Good luck with it!!!

So… What’s the verdict? What did the banks want?

I heard that the two banks are holding the money that that Nigerian prince has been emailing you about. All you have to do is give them your routing number.

In all seriousness, I have done a few bank inspections as well. I wish all inspections went as smoothly as they do.

No kiddin’ man, he’s killin’ us with all this suspense.

Sorry guys!

So the verdict is very good! Both banks are doing a promotion for new homebuyers. They recommend me as the Home Inspector, client pays me, if they buy the house through the bank then the bank deposits the amount for the inspection into their checking account. Got both!

The first appointment also wanted me to do insurance inspections. (check for egress, leaks, safety issues, etc.) I didn’t ask about their last inspector and don’t care. We agreed on full price for the inspections and weekly billing.

Both also said they would be interested in hearing more about grow-op and mold inspections. We will cross that bridge when we get to it!

Damn what a nice day! :slight_smile:


Yeah!!! Good job!

And just think, you were going to worry/sweat & fret all weekend;)


It was a great day!

It’s hard not to sweat, especially when you’re not given any information to prepare with. But all in all, it’s great! I had a gov contract last year and it paid nicely, now these will fill those voids this year. For being in the country’s unemployment capital, I guess I should be thanking my lucky stars!

Oh yeah, just found out my wife is pregnant with number 3!

At the least this can help even the finances out! Lol