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TITLE: "Thermal Imaging And Building Science"
**This is an infrared training course intended to familiarize home inspectors with this new non-destructive testing technology and its applications for building and home inspections.

  1. What is thermal imaging?
  2. The purpose of Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections.
    1. Better Inspections
    2. Decreased Liability
    3. Additional Income form Ancillary Services
  3. The Physics of Light
    1. Electromagnetic Spectrum
    2. Frequency
    3. Color
    4. Heat
  4. The Physics of Thermal Imaging
    1. Delta T
    2. Emissivity, Reflectivity, Transparency
    3. Thermal Mass
  5. Different Types of Image Display
    1. Black & White, Rainbow, Iron
    2. Temperature Scales.
    3. Adjusting temperature scales for a better image.
  6. Applications for Home Inspection
    1. Water Infiltration
    2. Excessive Moisture in Materials
    3. Electrical Inspection Applications
    4. HVAC applications
    5. Pipe Location
    6. Pest Infestation
    7. Energy Audit
  7. Inspection Techniques
    1. Exterior scanning.
    2. Interior scanning.
    3. Electrical scanning.
  8. Report Writing, Marketing, Liability.
  9. Building Science, Structure, Systems, And Defects.**

Thermal imaging training will include testing and field assignments.** All students will have personal interaction with the instructor.**

**No IR camera is required to take this thermal imaging training course.



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