2 prong outlets in 50's home

I have a question for the experts. I own a home built in the early 50’s. It has an updated service but has 2 wire throughout the house. The only major reno’s happening are kitchen and bathroom gut and replace. These 2 rooms have been completely re-wired with proper 3 wire and GFCI outlets on their own circuits.

My question is for the rest of the house. Can I replace all the remaining 2 wire , 2 prong outlets with GFCI without running grounds …will this pass code and or home inspection if I choose to sell?



Use the “No Equipment Ground” stickers that come with them

GFCIs would have to be labelled as having no equipment ground. The outlets would provide protection from shock or electrocution. It would be acceptable but still may not satisfy some buyers with expensive electronics.

Thank you kindly for the replies…I have found info regarding this method and labelling as no equipment ground for the US as acceptable, but home is Canada. Looking for an Ontario answer specifically, should have posted that in the thread I suppose :slight_smile:

Above comments apply for Ontario as well.
Having said that, I rarely see the labeling mentioned above.


Passes ESA, labelling is required but seldom seen