2 questions in one

First off I have a American Standard model G 406 serial number 3B J2
anyone have a good source.Its a boiler.

Would rather learn to fish ,so a directory would be great.

Also the 6 unit bldg , with landlord supplying the stove gas and he has 2 meters.
One is labeled boiler and I am wondering why he would need a separate meter for the boiler.

Perhaps the landlord includes the heat in the rent so he pays whatever utilities the boiler uses.:-k

Hi Carmen
Let me restate that the landlord pays for all gas.
There are no seperate tenant gas meters, so you would think one meter is all thats needed.

Have a look at: http://www.heatinghelp.com/library.cfm#American%20Standard%20Heating%20Products


Is one meter sized large enough to handle the total gas flow?

Could not find my number under the Beacon reference , but will look again when I have time.

What a great link!

Thank you much.

300,000 btu output and stove gas for 6 units.

Good question.

I would think so , but nothing else makes sense, and the meters look new.

Bldg is 1971 , which is my guess on the boiler for now.

That particular landlord may pay for all of the gas, but a previous landlord may not have. The two meters gives him the option to charge tenants separately for gas? Just guessing. :slight_smile:

Not sure that makes sense since the option would be there anyway.
He can’t just decide to split it evenly from one meter.

He may be doing it to monitor tenant use though.
Perhaps the Gas company allows that request.

Answer this one question and it may solve your puzzle

Does the landlord live in the building???

That makes the most sense, if he does.
One for his personal, one for the building.

Or perhaps a previous LL did.

No sign of that ,however there is a old fashioned rent drop off in the front basement,a bathroom in the basement laundry, and a washer connected to a stand pipe right at the ejector pump,which is separate from the other coin operated units.

Never seen a open standpipe attached right at an ejector pump before.Has the trap built into the standpipe so I guess its ok.

Just thinking for tax purposes the landlord in my State can not deduct personel utility usage in with the business expense or at least legally.

Yeah it kinda does make sense. Landlords are obligated to provide heat (at least here anyway) so the boiler would be his responsibility. The other meter for could be billed to the tenants. Just a guess -


Yeah just came back from a meeting at the buyers house ,to go over my 60 plus page report.

I am too cheap to print:)
Plus they were not present at the inspection and the biggest job you guys have is to make everyone understand what you are reporting.

Any way we were discussing the above ,and all the buildings surrounding have the same setup.

It is not because the meter will not handle it as 300,000 btu is not that much as far as the boiler goes.

Can only guess and it is not because of future tenant responsibility as it would need to be repiped.

By the way , the thought occurred from one of us at the table to go electric and I said it would not work.

Pushmatic subs,
Can one of you guess why I downed that idea?