2 Vents into 1

I have a furnace exhaust and a hot water heater exhaust entering into a y-connection into the chimney. Is this ok? or should one be higher than the other?

The connection is not an issue, the way its connected is. The “Y” fitting should be turned so that the hot water tank vent is above the furnace connection point. If the “Y” fitting were turned a min of 75 degrees clockwise, it would pass code.

If you rotate the fitting 75 degrees then you won’t have the 1/4 inch of rise per foot of pipe

Thanks for the help.

I am not much on codes. The codes we do have in my area are seldom followed so I am asking this to learn something:
If the hot water vent was considerably higher, wouldn’t the furnace want to vent off the hot water flue because it is higher and there is less restriction?

I was going to ask the same question.

This is what I found.

Here,s a post from Febuary of this year.
I think you should do some homework on this one.