furnace and water connection

Can a water heater vent join a furnace vent with a tee or must it be a Y ?
first time I have seen this.

Any pics?

Long as the vent has proper slope/rise I see no problem with a tee.

You should Google the water heaters installation specifications.

Technically it should be a wye.
As already requested a picture would help.

Here in Alberta we almost always use a double base tee into the B vent, the smaller water heater vent goes in the top. I was told once that is so the bottom plug end can be removed to inspect the chimney.

How about this since we are on the subject.

That is just messed up lolol looks like landing gear

How do you like this set up?? I did not, called it out!!

No CO detector in home.

0772 (Small).JPG

0772 (Small).JPG

261714 097 (Small).JPG

261714 100 (Small).JPG

A better question is why did you not call it out. What bothers me the most is the horizontal run off the water heater does not appear to have the proper rise, that bothers me more than the position of the two flues entering the chimney. Did ya do a draft test on the WH with the furnace operating??? curious minds want to know:D

I guess it should be a Y. Otherwise proper flow can’t be ensured. But maybe in special cases where the furnace is installed at a different level than the water connection the T may work as there will be a slope in the pipeline.