2007 - Kansas Home Inspector Bills

In Kansas 2 Bills are being introduced. Both are pushed by the Realtors (KAR). One would prohibit a home inspector from “limiting or disclaiming any type of liability in a RE transaction”. That was introduced this week.

The 2nd Bill to be introduced next week is a registration/licensure act.

Stay tuned.

Dan, exactly what is this about, another venture by the RE to dispose some of their own liabilities or what?

Seems like the Home Inspector will have to swallow more liabilities.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As per discussions with several inspectors, Mr. Bell stated that no inspection legislation would be introduced by KAR. That statement was made to Mike Greenwalt, KARCI lobbyist, also to the lobbyist from NAHI. Mr. Bell as not returned any calls or emails from myself or other KARCI members to this date.

What is very interesting is that people from outside of the state knew about the upcoming proposal.

So KAR is in fact sponsoring this bill and is also supporting another Bill that was introduced last week by the Trial Attorney’s which specifically is targeted at home inspectors being able to limit the amount of liability and disclosure of terms and conditions.

It appears that the final version of a licensing bill has been introduced on the House floor today.

A meeting that was schedule with KARCI’s president elect Mike Greenwalt was cancelled by representative Sloan. Mr. Sloan stated to Mr. Greenwalt that he is only interested in discussing regulations with the ASHI people.
More to follow as things unfold, Missouri inspectors you’re next. Things are again happening behind the scenes in deep secrecy


Paul - While the bill’s sponsor has chosen to limit his discussions with strictly ASHI representatives (where he knows his strength lies), would any of his political foes on the other side of the aisle consider joining forces in a fight against this bill?

Another bill hit today in Kansas. Something along the lines of you can’t do pest inspections unless licensed to apply pesticide or similar language.