2014 To Be A Banner Year

Just curious how everyone’s 2014 has been going. This marks my 6th year as a full time home inspector/owner. Last year I doubled my business from 2012, and so far this year I am up 35% from 2013. Booked out a week in advance, 2 inspections each day, including Saturday. I was wondering if I would ever get this business off the ground, but with patience, determination and listening to other NACHI members, I am happy to say I think I actually have a solid business. Starting to think ahead about when and if to branch out, hire another inspector?

This is our 9th year in business and our gross earnings for the 1st quarter of 2014 is 67% better than the 1st Qtr. of 2013.
Commercial building inspections attribute to most of our increase in gains over last year.
Oh, and we don’t sell junk warranties, recall crap, or alarm leads programs.

is that really necessary Linus? Jeeesh they only cost like 10 bucks each. Its not like a ponzi scheme. I dont use em either

We are on track this month to hit our first 5 figure month since business started. The first quarter of this year had 335% growth over the first quarter of last year.

It’s simple to be successful in this business.

Congrats Juan. Hit five figures now for the past 7 months straight. Ron, being booked a week out doing 2 a day 6 days a week, you’re going to soon run into the problem of either running yourself into the ground physically or turning away work. I did not turn away work but after 2 months of that schedule, I knew it was time to hire, and the best decision I ever made. We can do most normal home inspections in around an hour and I’m only giving up 20-25% revenue to do it.

Not up with Juan or Glenn yet, congrats!

I doubled last year over the year prior, but my 1st quarter this year was about the same as last.

Booked 4 days next week so far, so I think it’s going in the right direction.

When you get busy, time to raise prices. You MIGHT lose a small percentage of business but make more money doing less work. I raised prices $50 per inspection on March 1st and have been swamped. Not only that, but those buying the cheap, old, crappy houses with all the defects, think the price is too high, so the quality and price of inspected homes has risen as well.

The end result?

  1. newer, cleaner, larger, more expensive homes with less issues.
  2. more money
  3. less headaches

Work safe, work smart and return home.

So true. It’s funny how that works…

I have to agree.
I’m raising my rates this weekend. Some less desirable inspections will go away. Make more money without adding more inspections.
Every time I raise the rates the homes get better. My pay gets better.
I also try to only do about 8 or 9 inspections a week now. I used to work 7 days a week and take every inspection possible. A person can get worn out doing that.


Don’t stop to thinking ahead… Five figure months turn into five figured weeks and then to seven digit years.