25 standards question

I’ve inspected the hot water tank and specifically the TPR valve. It appears to be installed correctly and is functional. The installed down waste line terminates through the floor to a cement basement floor below. I could not determine if it has been leaking due to the lack of visibility below the floor.

I don’t know what your question is but a TPR drain liNE should terminate in the same roI’m as the water heater.

How do you know it is functional?? Did you pull up on the handle?
If you did you are just asking for trouble. In your report it should state that it is there but that it was not tested as that is beyond the scope of your inspection. To properly test them you would need to take it off and put it in water above the temperature indicated on the valve. Pulling up on the handle only tells you that the spring inside is free enough to function. As for leaking, the tube must be 6" off the floor or drain within the room. If it is leaking you should be able to see it. If not write that in your report.

Almost never see a TPR discharge line terminate within the same room here in AZ.
Almost all discharge outside the home.

Is this a local mandate. I always thought they just had to be in a conspicuous location so it would be seen if it did start to leak.

Sorry, I was quoting the Canadian version.