2x4 pier and wood footings?

i’ve seen wooden posts used as a piers under a girder before but never 2x4s nailed to each other, the wood footings are obviously not ok since wood should never be in direct contact with the ground. are 2x4s ok to be used as a pier to support a girder?

The 2X4 post is ok. I have done this numerous times over years. It is even pressure treated. As for the 2X10 footing, in my area it can be used. 90% of the newer homes (1985 forward) are wood foundations. 1/2 of those also use a 2X10 wood footing.

Temporary at best. Certainly not up to any code standard that I have seen.

Looks like a beam added to support mid span of the floor due to deflection of over span of joist or over loading of the floor in the area.

I’m sorry Greg, but that wood does not look treated to me. I would not consider that beam support and platform footing complying with any standard that I know of.