3" Galvanized Pipe broke

So Im at a warehouse and a huge galvanized waterline with too few supports started to crack and leak at a joint. A plumber tried to repair it using some type of clamp on fitting/union. Long story short it didnt work and popped off when the water pressure got up.

My question is, are these “sharkbite” or clamp on fixes ok to use or do these kinds of repairs raise red flags right away? Do you need to re-thread and replace or are repair “units” ok to use in scenarios like these?


Was this an inspection you were performing?

Without seeing the pictures and knowing what type of fitting were actually used it’s very hard to tell you if it is correct or not.

No its something I came across and its peaked my curiosity. Its an academic question at this point.

I’ll try and take some shots of it tomorrow.

Baker couplings were used. Any opinions on repairs using couplings like these? I have zero experience with these but they seem to make sense to use for repairs and heavy duty enough. Plumber claimed they are junk and they tend fail, but Im wondering if it was just a poor install as to why this fitting failed.