3 phase power

I have a client who needs to know if they can install 3 phase in their barn. They want to turn it into a brewery.
I am in prince edward county, ontario canada.
The building is 10 miles out in the country.
There is a transformer within 35 yards of the building

It’s an inappropriate question to ask an HI.

They should consult the power company.

That’s up to the POCO usually based on the needs of the consumer. The utility would typically use two or three 1Ø transformers to provide 3Ø power.

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What about Phase Converters?

Utility would know. If the area is zones as residential they might not, if commercial they probably will do it.

If your looking for a real indicator check the lines outside the home. If you have 3 phase lines they could do it, if not then Id say no.

One in a field near me for irrigation equipment.

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