3 phase supply question

I do not have much experience with 3 phase supply and wondering if I could get some answers here. Lateral supply, there is a main shutoff in the basement before the meter which is on the first floor.Then there is another shutoff after the meter. Is this normal for a three phase supply? why have a shut off before the meter?

Also the wiring was exposed before the panels in the basement. A cover should be on this right?

Bump, thanks Barry

Some utilities want a means of disconnect before the meter.

The pull box should have a cover.

As Jim Stated, In many areas the Poco will want this “Meter Disconnect Switches” installed so as to me able to shut off power before the removal of the meter. Keep in mind that the SCCR rating of that “MDS” is to be equal or greater than the available short-circuit current as well as being rated to interrupt the loads served. But alas this usually taken care of by the Municipal Inspector…but it could be missed and since you’re doing commercial inspections…it can be a safety issue.

[FONT=Times New Roman]Not being able to see the entire installation I have several questions that come to mind by the three pictures.

Picture one seems to be the service disconnect as this is where the grounding electrode conductors are installed. The neutral conductors need to be identified by white markings.

Picture two has flexible metal conduit either supplying the meter of leaving the meter. If this is ahead of the service disconnect it is restricted to a length of no more than 6 feet.

Picture three I can’t tell if the neutral is isolated from the enclosure. If this disconnect is downstream of the service disconnect the neutral must be isolated.

Many questions abound in my mind that needs to be answered before I could give a definite answer as far as code compliance or the safety of the installation.

Many issues concerning the strapping of cables and raceways abound in picture two.