3 prong outlets on 2 wire systems

Do you folks call this a safety hazard or a safety concern?
(When homeowners put in 3 prong outlets in old homes with 2 wire systems).

Was GFI protection installed? Was a separate ground wire run to them to add the ground?

Three prongs can be used on two wire systems under certain conditions.

no gfci, no grounds

Oops! than someone is in trouble.
Make sure the GFCI is not in the panel or cupboard somewhere.

What is the wiring method?

If I found a home with the condition you described, I would recommend repair by a licensed electrician. Left unrepaired, electrical defects of this type are certainly of concern.

Whether to describe as a hazard or a concern…? I understand where you’re coming from, but if you describe the condition and the client understands the repercussion of leaving defects unrepaired… you don’t need to worry about such misnomers. It’s a defect.

As far as GFCI protected…
Properly installed, GFCI devices may (check your local building and safety) be installed to allow for the installation of 3 prong receptacles on a 2 wire system.

If the devices had been properly protected by a GFCI device, your tester would not trip them on a 2 wire system and the outlets should have been labeled No Equipment Ground. However, you may have been able to discern protection by having tripped the upstream device and confirming no power/open hot on the downstream outlets.

Getting off track but… a Wiggy or Solenoid type tester can be used to trip an upstream GFCI device…

If that doesn’t clarify, provide some more information and you’ll likely get some more feedback.