3-Way Controlled Lights

Is there an NEC or other national code that dictates that the control of permanent lighting must be by two 3-Way switches or motion sensors for areas other than staircases? I am curious about long hallways and rooms like hallways where it is often entered from significantly spaced opposite ends (ex- my kitchen has the rear entrance door and the basement staircase on one end and the hallway entrance to the kitchen on the opposite end 15 feet away). It makes sense for safety reasons that my kitchen has a 3-Way controlled fixture but I’d like to hear what NEC and IRC have to say.:wink:


This doesn’t directly answer your question but is good info anyway for a similar issue . Perhaps some of the code guys will address your question directly. The attachment below is from Mike Holt’s site http://www.ecmweb.com/nec/electric_stumped_code_3/ which is very useful for electrical questions.
Liighting control.jpg

This may explain why I wasn’t finding any code on this manner. I was hoping for code justify 3-Way switches in such areas. Considering that, does anyone have any good verbage to write up a room like my kitchen that lacks 3-Way or motion sensor control? I’m not satisfied with the verbage in my report…

And thanks for the link Michael.

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I was in Greenbay for WAHI the week before and had enough credits in after that for my license renewal. I do hope to take Joe’s course when it’s a bit closer to me perhaps in the Minneapolis area or somewhere in central or West Wisconsin. I just didn’t want to make the 5 hour trip twice a week apart. Hope to met you some other time.

According to David Nice, one of our upcoming seminars is slated for the Eau Clare area. That’s not too far away from you?

It is an inconvenience issue, not a code issue. There are retrofit options that do not require rewiring but the devices are fairly expensive and most require a neutral in the box.

Great! Eau Claire is about an hour away from me. Hope to hear about it from David. I met him at WAHI.

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