3 wire feed to detached garage

Need help on this one: 3 wire feed to detached garage, no metallic paths, bare ground wire routed down from garage sub to ground rod, neutrals and grounds bonded. This was done by a well meaning homeowner of which I know there was no permit. Thanks

120504 1729 S Lookout Pt, HO - Full 089.jpg

120504 1729 S Lookout Pt, HO - Full 089.jpg

120504 1729 S Lookout Pt, HO - Full 090.jpg

If this was installed prior to the adoption of the 2008 or 2011 NEC then it’s code compliant.

How did you determine that? Is that not a metallic conduit feeding the panel?

As a Home Inspector, it’s safer to defer the installation unless you can definitively identify that no metallic paths exist, which is difficult.

It is plastic Jeffrey I see this all the time here. 3 feeder but never the proper EGC.

Yep. I can see that now that I’m on my home computer.

Thanks everyone for the help, yes it is plastic just down to below grade. Its a 2006 garage and there was a permit, at first I assumed not because there were no GFCI’s and there is also a bath. But after checking, there was a permit pulled and signed off on. These subs in separate buildings always keep me guessing and yes, sometimes when I’m not sure, I always state that fact and defer it. Once again, thanks to all.

The EGC, equipment grounding conductor, is to ground the devices like a switch or receptacle. It has nothing to do with a 3 or 4 wire feeder.

I think that he’s referring to the 2008 and 2011 NEC requirement that the feeder must have it’s own EGC. Grounding the neutral at the separate structure is no longer permitted to provide a path for the fault current.

Good point, Sorry for the confusion.