3c Inspecting ashpalt roof shingles

A fracture caused by hailstone impact starts at the _________ surface of the shingle and propagates toward the _______ surface.

There are two correst answers. Clicking on one of them comes up as an incorrect answer.

Jarrod Northage
Tech 9 Home Inspections

I came across that today as well. I chose “bottom, top” in the 3rd position, and I was wrong. Answered “bottom, top” in the 1st position, and I was right!

In the final there are also “Identify the damage” questions, but all my computer displayed was a red X. Makes it hard to identify.

Post if you were able to see the pictures - I may have to do some troubleshooting on this POS.

Quite a few questions with pics during the final exam only showed an X. Tried right clicking to show the pics but that didnt work.

In the past few days, we’ve been correcting these issues.
The answers to the questions are being reviewed and edited.
The technical errors in relation to the pictures of the final exam are being worked on as well.
Thank you for the input.
Any further problems or details, don’t hesitate - ben@internachi.org

Same here…guessed at the answers and passed with an 81.
I am not sure how it would of worked if I failed.

BTW…great video highly recommend it