4 Point Inspection question

I’m preparing to begin my HI business but I’m very reserved about jumping into it with the economy the way it is and may continue to be. My initial training and basic footwork have been done. Currently I am working on my website. I am wanting to include prices on my site but have considered other pricing options to assist me getting jobs. Here is one of my questions: Does anyone offer a “4 point inspection” to potential buyers that are NOT required by insurance companies? I searched for this info but couldn’t find answers. Seems I could offer a “4 point” at a reduced fee as compared to a full inspection fee. Similar to HI’s doing a “system” inspection. Because of the market and how the realestate agents work around here, I think I reduced fee would generate me some work. I just didn’t know if it was frowned upon by the industry or code of ethics.

Is Alabama a licensed state?

Also, do you plan on joining NACHI?

Here is the verbiage that appears on the bottom of my Four-Point Survey Form.

THIS FOUR POINT INSURANCE SURVEY IS NOT A HOME INSPECTION CONDITION REPORT - The contents of this survey is to be used for INSURANCE purposes only. Furthermore, this insurance survey is not equal to the home inspection report normally required for the transfer of real property, neither is the survey a guarantee or warranty. This insurance survey is a LIMITED VISUAL observation of the systems noted within the report during the date observed. All life expectancy estimates are based on the professional opinion of the inspector.

The reason for this is simple, the Four Point Insurance Survey does not comply with any association SoP, that is why I don’t even refer to it as an “inspection”.

That is not to say that a limited-scope reduced price inspection could not be conducted which in fact does comply with the SoP, it is just saying that the Four-Point Insurance Survey falls short.

I suggest that you call it something else, and do the minimum of what the SoP calls for.

2.1. Roof
2.2. Exterior
2.3. Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure
2.4. Heating
2.5. Cooling
2.6. Plumbing
2.7. Electrical
2.8. Fireplace
2.9. Attic & Insulation
2.10. Doors, Windows & Interior