four point inspection and unified mitigation verification inspection

What is the difference between the four point inspection and the unified mitigation verification inspection? I have looked at both forms. Most insurers that i get quotes from want the four point inspection, however my current insurer wants the latter. What are the laws concerning these? I will be getting a new roof next year, but need to get one of these inspections now. Will I have to get another inspection after the new roof?

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The 4-Point Inspection
Following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, insurance companies in Florida and other states began encouraging home owners to make their homes safer and reduce insurance claims. Many of the insurance companies and the JUA (Joint Underwriting Association) now request a 4-Point Inspection, which includes the following:

Roof Inspection
Electrical Inspection
HVAC (Heat & Air Conditioning) Inspection
Plumbing Inspection
What are they looking for in these 4-Point Inspection reports?

Insurance companies are generally looking for these systems to have been updated to current standards and to be functioning in good condition. The 4-Point Inspection is a tool for them to evaluate the condition of your home on these four major concerns.

Are there special forms to use for a 4-Point Inspection?

Some insurance companies have special forms they require for the 4-Point Inspection. For the electrical inspection, for example, they usually require information about the age, type and certain elements of the electrical system, which may have high claim ratios. Some insurance companies even require a licensed electrician to perform this type of specialized inspection. Please consult your insurance agent about their requirements .

Who can perform this 4-Point Inspection? Can I fill out the paperwork myself?

The insurance companies require licensed and qualified inspectors to complete the 4-Point Inspection. These inspectors are able to provide a professional opinion to the areas inspected. A home owner cannot complete the 4-Point Inspection form themselves.

Can I not comply with this 4 Point Inspection request?

It may be difficult maintaining insurance coverage and/or acquiring new insurance due to the absence of a 4-Point Inspection. Some Insurance providers will no longer cover you without a 4-Point Inspection.

I am buying a home. Can I use this as a less expensive, pre-purchase home inspection?

The 4-Point Inspection is not intended for use as a pre-sale or pre-purchase comprehensive inspection. The 4-Point Inspection is geared for your insurance needs and will not contain all the information you will need to make an informed decision concerning your purchase.

What is a Wind Mitigation Survey?

After Florida’s recent history of bad weather, insurance companies have raised the rates of most insurance policy premiums. Now, thanks to state lawmakers, Florida homeowners have an opportunity to reduce these costs considerably. The Wind Inspection savings are available to all homeowners and is based on a provision in the Florida Statues that requires all Insurance Companies to provide discounts for the hurricane damage portion of the premium for homeowner’s insurance policies if certain construction features are in place.

Up to 75 percent of homeowners, condominium unit owners, renters and apartment or condominium associations could save substantial amounts, but haven’t asked for the discounts by submitting a completed Wind Inspection report performed by a qualified inspector.

The actual savings depend on the construction features found in the residences of the homeowners in your community. The Form/Inspection is good for 5 years and the discounts are applied annually for that period.

In addition to the location of the home, the following items are evaluated during a Wind Inspection (Each item is a discount - Not all are required)

Roof Covering
Roof Deck Attachment
Roof to Wall Attachment
Roof Geometry
Gable end Bracing
Wall Construction Type
Secondary Water Barrier
Door and Window Protection

A Four-Point Inspection is normally conducted on older homes, the report is used by insurance companies to screen out properties which do not meet their underwriting guidelines.

A Uniform Wind Mitigation Inspection (Form B1-1802) lists the hurricane mitigation components currently built into your home. Some of these components like Hurricane Straps provide credits (discounts) which can be applied to the wind premium.

what licences are required in florida to do a 4 point inspection?

Fl. Home Inspector license and there are others but I am a bit bias