4-Point Question

Square D panel that was updated with in the last 10 years. Aluminum wire going to servicing the AC condensing unit. AC service disconnect is fuses. I’m not concerned about the aluminum wire, but is the fused disconnect an issue?
Thoughts? How would you write this up on a 4-point?

By definition a 4 Point inspection is a record of what you observe, approximate dates of upgrades. It is not a subjective call. I just write what I see and let the upgrades begin. Most of the time the homes have had little or no upgrades since construction…or…they did the upgrades themselves and it looks like Fido’s behind. I often hear and read where the inspector tries to give their customer “a break” and soft pedal the report. If the dodo hits the AC the insurance company will come back to the inspector, not the homeowner.

BTW, trying to second guess what each and every insurance carrier will or will not allow will drive you nutz…just fill in the blanks.

If the alum is NOT single strand it is not an issue. I do not believe the fuse disconnect is an issue. That is not even in most 4 point inspections. Just my opinions but that is how I see it.

Solid strand AL is what you need to note. I note all fuses I see.

What is wrong with having fuses at the a/c disconnect.

I have never seen anyone’s 4 point form with the question of does the a/c disconnect have fuses or not.

I posted this same question in the electrical section to see what the sparkey’s thoughts were. As I figured, nothing wrong with having a fused disconnect.
What’s bothering me is A)I feel the need to put it on the report, because it’s there; and B)If an underwriter sees “fuses”, they go nuts and deny coverage with no knowledge of what a fuse even is.

It is your 4 point put what you feel is relevant. Many a/c’s are done with fuses. Heck many 4 points do not even ask for fuses or breakers. Just weather the system is sufficient or not.

As I like to say “Who are you working for” and “who is writing your check”?

You are correct most underwriters do not know squat. Just think they believe having photos with a wind mit proves anything.

The problem with fuses is not the fuses, it is the people who bypass them. Statistically speaking a home with fuses is more likely to have a fire. Maybe we should schedule weekly inspections on homes with fuses to make sure that no one sticks a penny or copper pipe in its place. The nachi four point has fuses on it. It is simple Yes or No. I think the insurance companies should start rejection forms that meet NO standard.

I concur. You’ve got to note fuses.