4 ton Ruud outside condenser age?

](*,)Per my cheat sheet for Ruud units there should be a letter in the serial number but this unit did not have one. I’m guessing 2003. This was on a 1992 home.

S 031108830

According to my notes it should be 2 digit month followed by a 2 digit year. But 2011 doesn’t make sense. Did you by chance write down the “product number” instead of the “serial number”? I’ve done that a couple of times.

Got a picture of the label?

It’s suppose to be the 1st two numbers (of serial number) are the week of manufacture and next two are the year.

Not true in your situation.


the unit was actualy made by Airpro/United refrigeration and was certainly manufactured after 2000



Hi Gerry,

Please share your info on this manufacturer?

Mark, no, did not take a picture of the lable but I’m 100% sure this was not the product nbr. The label was easy to get to but I’m with you. It would be easy to write the wrong numbers if access was touch.

Gerry, was there an update on the cheat sheet for HVAC ages as mine did not mention these other companies you refer to?

What’s interesting about this system is that the indoor coil was replaced in 2008. Had one recently where it was just the opposite. They replaced the outside condenser but not the indoor coil. How much sense does that make? I guess you do that to try and make the home look good for the sale. ](*,)


Just Googled the model #


Thanks Bud.

Google never ceases to amaze me.

How did you ever catch that?

The serial number on the indoor coil said 2008. Sometimes they rubbed off but since this was so new it was bright and shiny.

I’ve got two “cheats”. One that says what you say, and one with no letter. Neither work for this serial number. Where there any other clues as to the age? Maybe an Ansi date or a manufacture date somewhere?

Here is a pic of the condenser. Not sure if it tells you much other than the rust on the top grill cover. Since the home was 92 I’m thinking it must have been replaced in 03. A little soon at 11 years but they may not have taken care of it is my guess.

No there was no date of manuf.


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I would wright something on the lines of: The actual age of the AC unit is in question. From it’s appearance it appears to be less than 5 years old. (Or whatever you are guessing.)