RUUD Age Please

Model # upkb-024jaz
Serial# 7021m320522061

32nd week of 2005

Here is a useful users guide.

Thanks gery

Usually that serial number format is:

70 = year
21 = week
M = plant
320522061 = sequential number

So I would have guessed 21st week of 1970.

Greg says 32nd week of 2005.

This is where it is important that one be able to add 2 and 2 and get four.

Does the unit look brand new or 36 years old?
What are manufacture dates for other big-ticket items in the house?
When was the house built?

If it looks brand new, then go with 2005.

If it looks older (for example, it’s rusted or the lineset insulation is deteriorated or the unit is not level, etc.), then go with 1970.

If the water heater, cooling condenser, possibly some kitchen appliances, and the house were manufactured in 1970, then the furnace probably was, too.

Hey Russel,

I did add 2+2. I have never seen a 36 year old condenser+That model number has a seer of 10. I doubt that there were any units 36 years ago that had a seer of 10. With that being the case it added up to 2005. The unit is also a heat pump. I don’t think that we had those 36 years ago either.

I meant my statement to apply to the stuff that followed it rather than referring to your post. Sorry about the confusion.

We have lots of them here, heat pumps, 10 SEER, and old.
Must be the weather.
The oldest I’ve found was 1968, but there are lots of mid-'70s units still going strong.