4 wire feed on Sub Panel?

Two unidentified sub panels on a recent Inspection. The home was built in 1970. I know that I want to call out missing bushings, no labeling present, missing GEC on one of the circuits but what about a 4 wire feeder on a 1970 home?

The remote distribution panels now require a 4-wire feed and the green fuse is usually a 30 amp, Paul.

Larry Kage

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Are we talking inside the house and/or attached to the house? Or are we talking a detached garage/structure?

They are not subpanels. They are disconnects.

I agree with Jim these are disconnect switches not panels. Not sure what you mean about missing GEC did you mean EGC? Also the missing parts are connectors not bushings. I don’t see any bonding of the enclosures.

Those are equipment (fusible) disconnects not sub panels.

These are “Uncle Bob” specials (he knows all about lectricity) I see similar in outbuilding and barns. Write it up and move on.

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Yes, I meant EGC. I’ve not ran into this type of disconnect(been inspecting about 6 months). Are there specific rules for these, like having a 4 wire feed?

A disconnect is simply a switch to remove or turn off the power. It does not need to be 4 wire.

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