40 amp AC breaker

This 40 amp breaker was connected to an air conditioner compressor with a minimum rating of 35 amps and maximum rating of 50 amps (ID plate). If I am not mistaken, when the white neutral is attached to the circuit breaker, it should be wrapped with black tape. Also, the ground was wrapped around a ground electrode conductor. I think this ground should be attached to the ground electrode bus bar. Any comments? Thanks

The white is not a neutral it is half of a 240 volt circuit yes you are correct the white wire should be identified at both ends with tape paint or ? yes the Ground should have a mechanical connection to the grnd buss .

Good catch… Roy

The 40 amp CB with a MCA of 35 amps and a MaxOCPD of 50 amps is code compliant. Your conductor ampacity would need to be a minimum of 35 amps.

Which does not appear to be!

Wouldn’t that conductor exiting at rear of panel need some type of protection?

Yes a connector is missing in the back of the panel

The ground is improperly wrapped instead of landing on the ground bar.

If it’s NM cable it would need to be a minimum of #8 AWG or if MC cable a minimum of #10 AWG. Hard to tell but it might be a #8 since it appears to be stranded conductors.

And yes as Jim pointed out, the connector is missing.

That sawdust on the bottom will probably need to be cleaned up too …

Thats stranded wire in the picture at the breaker