Neutral on breaker

One more question, thank you.
I always thought there should be no neutrals connected to a breaker. Not sure whats going on here. And should there be a breaker tie here?
Thank you

It’s not a neutral. It’s a white wire on a breaker and part of a 240v circuit. Yes, a handle tie and identification is required. You also have tinned copper, cloth wiring in there.

White conductor is improperly identified.

Any white (or grey) grounded conductor that is used as an ungrounded conductor must be identified as such: i.e. wrapped with black tape at both ends.

Review the InterNACHI electrical class.

More than this. Take it and study everything in it. You listed numerous threads today all with pretty basic questions. If you are charging for inspections I would be concerned as to what was overlooked.

To your benefit, you are taking the pics and asking questions, but this stuff you should know from basic training. If you need help on site with electrical questions feel free to call or text me and I will do my best to get you through.


Thanks for your reply and offer, much appreciated.