5-plex pricing

Any advice on pricing the inspection of a 5-plex? For single family residences, most of my pricing is based on finished square footage. I have pretty workable pricing for duplexes, but when dealing with a single structure and 3, 4 or 5 separate dwelling spaces, things get more complicated. A single exterior, roof system and foundation, but separate “apartments” with separate kitchens etc. Separate electrical panels and wiring. One heating system or possibly multiple–same for AC. One water heater or possibly multiple. Several garages.

I would start with the basic square footage rate of the entire 5-Plex and add the additional units by an hourly rate. If you believe each additional unit will take you one hour than you have 4 hours of hourly rate to add the basic rate.

I generally start with a base price for the complex and add between $100 to $200 a unit.

175.00 per unit, for basic inspection garages are an additional 150.00 per large or 75 for single
180.00 each for roofer, electrician, HAVC for first hour and 80.00 for each additional hour.
3 days to complie report and print and bind.

As do I. . .

Thanks, all! Helpful to know that the pricing I came up with was comparable to what others do. Except for duplexes, this was the 1st such multi-unit structure, I’d seen. However, there are quite a number of 3, 4, & 5 unit buildings sitting in the local foreclosure inventory.

Should we really be discussing pricing in the open forum? :-k