5 year pin

I recurved my five year pin yesterday. Thank you all…

I am not sure who tracks and sends them, but thank you.

I’m not sure either. InterNACHI staffers are awesome.

Ya have some slackers there also I have never received a pin but I don’t need one sure could use another hat though prefer the color Red;-)

Hey Charley. Sending your pin out in the mail today. We send them in a package with a lot of literature so it’s possible you might not notice it. Be on the look out when you get your package from us! Thanks.


I got 2 so does that mean I have 10 years in InterNachi.:mrgreen:

Well thank you but I just like Red hats you can ask any of the dirty dozen :smiley:

I can verify that.



Nice pic Marcel, from left to right who mare all of you?


Hey Chloe, do me a favor, send Charlie the RED hat he wants, I will pay for it…I am serious.


Left to right Scott Gilligan, Marcel, Dave Andersen, Barry Adair and the Red Hat ME.

That was just part of the dirty Dozen.
Jim Mckee Jeff Moore, Dale Duffy, Bill Warner, Dan Bowers, Chris from PA and a guy from Va that I can not remember his name

We had more expericense and knowledge in that roofing class room than has ever been assembled in one place best bunch of guys I ever met

Red one of these http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/internachi-caps.aspx sent to Charley today.

Very nice Nick.


Guess this is where I mention not getting one either.
Bring it to Vegas so I can show it off.

Don’t feel bad Bob, me either.

I’ll have them sent again. They are small and come with other literature so dig down in the shipping pack like a Cracker Jack box.

Hey thanks I was just spoofing but do appreciate it, I can pay for the hat:D

No 5 year for me either, but I’m waiting for that 10 year pin next year :slight_smile: I think a lot of you posting in this thread will be waiting for the 10 year as well!

Bunch of old farts here.

That’s the solid gold one right? :wink:

now You’ve done it giving Charley another red hat is not going to make the world a safer place…It took His Wife years to get the old one away from Him…just sayin…