10 Year Anniversary Pin

Hi Nick,

Taking some time off of the message board but wanted to say thanks for the pin and for the 10 years of being associated with NACHI.

So far so good. :wink:


Good for you Joe well deserved … Thanks for the help you give to all.

Roy, did you get yours?

I can’t wait for mine next year. ;):slight_smile:

You’re welcome Joe.

60 days and counting , Thanks … Roy

My 10 year anniversary is in a few weeks. Congrats Joe!

Man, sure is nice to see a bunch of old Bucks in front of me. :mrgreen::wink:

Thats Awesome! I just crossed my 5 year mark, looking forward to catching up with some of you.

Congrats Mike, but catching up won’t happen. :mrgreen::wink:

Congratulations Joseph,

Well done!


The next 10 will be easier Joe.:p-

That’s a heck of deal Joe. I was beginning to think we were going to have to stack two fives. :smiley:

WOW. 10 years already. Hey John O.
Do you remember our photo shoot with “Minnie”? I saw her again last January and she hasn’t aged a bit.

Congratulations Joe!

Good times John…


Thanks Nick for the 10 yr pin, man time is moving fast & so is business. Thank you INTERNACHI, best Org. around!!!

Congratulations and good luck Joe.
Did you accept that job offer from Dingleberry as his new marketing director??:p:p