6 injured, 2 with life-threatening injuries, after equipment collapse at Gaylord Rockies: "I thought maybe the roof would collapse"

First, :pray: for those injured.

Then, be glad you didn’t inspect this property because even though the attachment of the metal equipment isn’t part of the typical commercial inspection, you probably would be grouped in with others to be sued…JMHO



Thinking about what caused this… it was working for years, so less-likely it was design flaw or installation (workmanship) flaw. It was a humid environment, so likely galvanic corrosion involved, or just paint/protection deteriorated, leaning towards maintenance failure. Lesson to all. You see rusty hangers holding up something heavy, particularly in a public area like this, call it out.


This can be difficult to see up high. A good reminder to consider binoculars when inspecting an interior with high roof bays.

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