6 Radelec Radon Monitors for Sale

No longer offering radon services due to time demands of family illnesses.

Made an additional $60,000 in sales over 3 years with one man shop. Started with 3 monitors (2 chambers & tamper monitor for each). After rewriting the Initial Buyer Confirmation of Inspection Email to include sales language from an email marketing seminar, I needed to buy 3 more monitors to keep up with demand. I also didn’t need to sell buyers on radon over the phone. While not typical, my best week was 7 tests over 7 days.

Bought this style of monitor because I can place them anywhere I need to without needing an outlet and the cost to add additional kits if I wanted to expand is minimal. I’m in a market without regulation, but have always kept records and complied with the EPA regulations. The software prompts for needed field blanks, spikes & calibration.


  • 6 monitor sets, each include:
    • Tamper Resistant Box (6 total)
    • 2 E-perm Chambers (13 total, including field blank)
    • Tamper Monitor
      • (6 total) 3 will hold 1 record each and 3 will hold 2 inspections each
  • Additional E-perm Chamber to deploy field blanks
  • 14 electrets of various charges ready for field use
  • Electret Reader with case (out of calibration, $135 is cost to recalibrate)
  • Latest version of the Windows Software can be purchased for $200 (so you’ll have full support with license)
  • Manuals
  • Initial Buyer Confirmation of Inspection Email (resulted in increased demand)
  • Current cost new $4,405 (not including all electrets or software)
  • Asking $2,300 plus shipping costs

So sorry to hear about family illness, John. Prayers are with you.

John, I am on west coast and use rad elec I do not know what “Buyer Confirmation of Inspection Email to include sales language from an email marketing seminar” is? Can you explain that for me please. Thanks. Will

Hey Will, Good question. It’s the way that email is labeled in ISN and it goes out to every buyer when an inspection is scheduled (Buyer Confirmation of Inspection Email). The modified language in the email gets them to think seriously about the need for Radon testing and it increased Radon sales by about 60% without me needing to explain it, and it avoided the knee jerk reaction of some buyers to say no to up-sells.


I do not use ISN can you send me a copy of it, if thats ok with you. But only if it is ok with you. I have a email marketing and talk seminars in force since the 90’s that has carried me through several slow periods.

I am in Southern California serving from Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego Counties, if your familiar with our area.

Radon Measurement is not well received in our area due to Realtors and the Lack of knowledge by the public and unfortunately inspectors also (Radon Measurement professionals and Testers have to register with the State EPA but most inspectors don’t due to labs encouraging testing without certifications or testing.). Need to get it across to all.

You did not have any Rad Elec crm(s)? Just asking. Sorry for your family situation. Hope things get better.

Thanks for your help.

Will Kading
Serving Southern California since 1989

Master Building Inspection & Environmental
Inspector & Environmental Consultant

Home, Manufactured & Commercial Inspections, Mold and Indoor Air Quality Analysis
Radon Measurement Specialist - State of California & NRSB #22SS005 Certified

Hey Will, It’s too bad Radon isn’t well received in your area. It was like that here in the 90’s. I chose the E-perm monitors because I only have to have one piece of equipment calibrated per year, rather that each monitor. Also, not needing an accessible plug has comes in handy once in a while.

Sorry the email is intended for the person buying the package, since I spent $1500 plus airfare & hotel (in San Diego) for that seminar. Also I’m sure, with your skills, you’ve probably already put something similar together.

Thank you for the well wishes and I hope your business is doing well.

Thanks John,

Appreciate the help. Yep I have several marketing methods and info.


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