6" step up

Would this be considered acceptable for the 6" step up?

Small entry area between garage entry door to kitchen.

164810 014 (Small).jpg

David, what exactly is the question? I see three risers in the picture. :slight_smile:

As opposed to what? An elevator? ;-):smiley:

Most areas of the Country do not have any requirement for a “Step Up” between the House and the Garage… :smiley:

I thought a 6" curb (step up was required at the garage entry door) for gas vapors.

My question was based on the entry from the garage door that had about a 1 inch curb then went through an entrance way, up the steps to the kitchen.

I was just curious if there was no entrance way and the door with the 1 inch curb went straight to the living area would this be an issue.

I see walk out stairs from basements or splits all the time and obviously there is no 6" curb.

David, in this area, some jurisdictions will require a 4" step up, but most everywhere, it is not required.
My home is a tri-plex and my garage is flush with my Rec. room on the way in.
All depends on the jurisdiction. :slight_smile:

the garage floor is supposed to slope down towards the garage door carrying any vapors heavier than air away. :smiley: