Step up from garage to house

What is the required height for the garage entry door? This one was level with the floor.

Am I correct in saying that the step up is for the gas vapors that hug the floor.

The only way to fix this would be to remove the concrete and dig the floor down. No one will want to pay for this. The home was built in the 1953.

If stored gasoline was moved to an exterior shed would this be a solution?



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Is there a bedroom in room that door from garage opens into?If not I would not worry about it.I would just do the following.

I would suggest mechanical ventilation or at the very least natural ventilation also weatherstrip the door.

This is the easy fix less than $50

It’s not required here Dave.

It can become an issue during the winter when water from snow melting off the vehicle runs into the home.

If it were for gas vapors there’d probably be an 18" step required like for water heaters located in the garage. There’s obviously no requirement like that, so it’s probably for runoff.

This was discussed in an earlier thread…I got the notion that there was not really any requirement–just a good idea.

Someone posted a drawing indicating a 4" or 6" step up to the house from the garage, but no one was able to supply a code requirement.

I think Mario had the best solution.

No code requirement in my area. For slab-on-grade homes you have a 6" min. height between soil and wood framing. Add the minimum garage slob and about a 20’ deep garage and you end up with about a 4" step. I have worked on some project were they have no step on retirement homes.

Nothing to fix. The garage floor should slope down away from the house though.:slight_smile: