60 AMP Meter on FP Panel

The iNACHI electrical course indicates that the stand alone circular meter bases are 60 amps. But it doesn’t really indicate to identify that as an issue or not? Do you call that out and how would you word it?

This is on a small brick home built in the 50s. The set-up has multiple issues from what I can tell…anything I’m missing for my own educational purposes?

  1. Overhead service below 12’
  2. 60 amp meter
  3. FPE panel
  4. No main disconnect
  5. Double taps on breakers
  6. Unsecured cable (bottom right, green cable)

Where do you begin? I would guess if the meter is face level, then you could just about grab the service wires. The whole thing looks clapped out, and is past its prime. By today’s standards there is no way that service (in good condition) could handle the power requirements for all the modern ammenities. That mess is an accident waiting to happen. Just recommend an electrician to futher evaluate.

Agree!!! Double taps noted.

The meter base is not a “defect,” and unless your jurisdiction has different requirements, the clearances for the service drop only needs to be 10 feet.

Agreed. I have seen the small round meter base with 100 amp service. Those may have been upgrades from 60 amp, but the PoCo approved it.

That mess does not need further evaluation, it needs “Repair”. :stuck_out_tongue:
In fact, it needs to be Replaced.
You are correct to call for a service upgrade, and that will probably include a new larger meter can, but I would let the installing electrician design the upgrade.

Thanks guys.