70 amps of service

Inspected a 1961 800 square foot condo with central boiler heat, two window mounted ac units, no dryer, a 50 amp breaker for an electric range. All electrical and GFCI’s tested ok. The condo had a 70 amp main circuit breaker. Is the 70 amps of service adequate for this condo? or would you recommend 100 amps of service (minimum)?

According to here that is fine and a 60 Amp would be minimum. Up to 861 sq.ft from the CEC.

Upgrading the service capacity in a condo (multi-residential building) can be a difficult undertaking, and one that may not be afforded to individual unit-owners. It’s not as easy as just changing out a breaker.

Rather than recommending a service upgrade, you should make the buyer aware of the potential limitations with a “lower capacity” service.


This is what is in the report:

Note: there was a 70 amp main electric disconnect installed next to the electric meter in the hallway utility room. At the time of construction of the building, 70 amps of service was adequate. However, today’s modern wiring standards would be a minimum of 100 amps.

Thanks for your help!

Also note some insurance providers frown upon less than 100 amp and/or “modern” service sizes

Is this a multi occupancy building? What are the size of the conductors feeding the panel? Any pics?

You mention no dryer so I guess laundry facilities are on sight?

For 800 SQ feet 70amps should be sufficient. If this was an individual home or duplex the service would have to be 100amps minimum just because the code says so regardless of load. But if this is an apartment type building individual load calcs would govern the feeder size to each unit.

NEC also makes an exception by allowing the unit not to have a laundry circuit if a laundry facility exists on sight.