Electrical Help to Identify service

I am going to post some pics. I am unsure of the service, 60, 100, 125. I could not see the service entrance wire gauge so the pics will have to do. Seems a bit bizarre to me and alot of evidence of weekend warrior work. There were 2 pony boxes as well.

Please give your input asap.
Thanks Scott


70 amp.

The weakest link that I see is 70 amp…

Even though that is the weekest link. I think if you opened the panel you would find 100 Amp supplied with 30 Amp to the feeder or pony panel.:smiley:

You have mail…

Call if you have questions … 1-705-999-1030

Thanks guys again for your help. I expressed it this way.

The main disconnect is rated at 70 amps. For todays usage 70 amps is not sufficient when you have a dryer, stove, dishwasher and central air conditioner there is already well over 100 amps draw.
I recommend a professional electrician evaluate the whole system and repair/upgrade as necessary.
Thanks for the call Roy!
Cheers Scott


In the future I suggest you word your recommendations thusly,

That way the onus is thrown back on the vendor to correct/improve and not left to the purchaser to do the correction.

If the house is over 861 sq ft a 100 amp main breaker is required. The code refers to sub panel. There is no reference to feeder or pony panels. Do you have a copy of the electrical code? The simplified version costs less then $20.00 and is available at most home building stores.