'71 Bryant gas furnace still in operation

Pics of a 1971 Bryant gas furnace still in operation (serial # 2Y281026), It pumped an incredible amount of heat and rattled like a box of loose bolts. The furnace had not been service for years. When I took off the service panel there was an incredible layer of dust built up. The filter was completely plugged with filth and had worked loose. Interesting support to hold the Blower motor in place. Now I know why it rattled. I’ll let the pic speak for its self.

Not common but not unheard of either to find a furnace that old and still operating. I had a Rheem a couple of weeks ago MFG in 1969 and still operating and the appearance was considerably better than your unit

Yep. Had a Holly from the 50’s purring away in La Mesa this week. Original owner would service this annually. Took care of it like a vintage car.

John ,looks pretty good compared to some i’ve seen in Mt. Clemens:)

Inspection from Feb 2nd, 6 plex built in 1958, all 6 downflow furnaces were original.

Think the heat exchangers are leaking?



Hey Rick , was the occupants wearing respirators ? :roll:

Only 2 suites were occupied, one by the owner. The place was a time capsule, everything was pretty much original and hadn’t been rented out in a long time.

The occupants were advised of the safety concerns!

Would have been a heck of a classroom. Take new inspectors around showing them stuff, lol.