Brentwood furnace

Anyone got an idea what the age of this unit is?
It did not have a serial number that i could see.
Model number BGH150A3.
Says a Lear Siegler.


Atwood 044 (Small).jpg

From the looks of it, past its usefull life.

It ran like a CHAMP! Burners were great and all. Needed some cleaning though. I have seen many furnaces that were past there usefull life but they work great and could for many more years. Efficiency could be better though.

Preston’s CD says 1971-1975

Marc’s got it pegged. They also last manufactured furnaces in 1975.

Marc’s got it pegged. They also last manufactured furnaces in 1975.

How was the heat exchanger?

Look at the belt drive and think when most manufacturers quit doing residential units with them. Then look at the rust and think - hum, I think I’m gonna recommend having a competent & licensed heating contractor service, clean and evaluate the unit prior to closing - AND while he’s doing that have him verify the full integrity of the heat exchanger.

Then think I’ll bet with a belt drive this was probably built before the early 1980’s, making it at least 25 years old - then think OLD. Then get out your Carrier Bluebook, your Preston Guide, or your Carson & Technical Info Guide and think hum 30+ Yrs old.

Then think of saying something like: “The furnace is an older unit. In my opinion it is at least 25-30 +/- years of age. Furnaces like this typically have a service life of about 20-25 years. Continue to use and service the unit until replacement is necessary”.

Start thinking defensive report writing - start thinking, **“I wanta be able to look back in 25-28 years and 12,000 to 13,000 inspections like the other inspectors and have never been sued” **(and have my paychecks in my pocket - not the lawyers pockets).

Making protecting yourself and your business your #1 priority.

By the way what did you tell them about the scorching???

What is all this jabbing at me??? I asked if someone could tell me the age? I said it ran like a champ. YES, i told him is was OLD and i would plan on having this dirty, rusty scorched beast reviewed and maintained on an annual basis. Kind of obvious by just looking at it. It is a bankrupcy and they ain’t paying for crap! The guy just wanted a once over to make sure there wasn’t any real issues. RELAX! But the heat exchanger thing is a good input. How do you guys view these? The burners were burning nice and straight and clean, not blowing around.
I did tell him to have it reviewed by a HVAC.
BUT, i do apprecaite your input!
Andy B

It’s called NACHI. As you become more experienced here, especially if you have a lot of helpful posts, you’ll be jabbed at even more. Don’t worry about it too much. Just keep on keeping on and you’ll do fine. And if you or other readers need some marketing help, join us over at Marketing, a site dedicated to marketing for businesses that don’t have the budget of Wal-Mart.

You reccomend that it be serviced by a HVAC contractor as heat exchanger inspection is generally considered to be out of the scope of a HI.

I believe no one meant to jab, yet.:smiley:

Dan Bowers is an excellent source of info if you can get it out of him.