8-foot icicles


1 - Reasons for this icicle development?
2 - Are they in your home inspection report?
3 - Your narrative. (optional)


Poor ventilation and poor insulation, This is a red flag to all inspectors that pull up to a home that looks like the photo. And icicles of that size or any size are danderous !!

That is very common in SSM Ontario on the south side. Homes with icicles are always a result of lost heat into the attic space with no adequate insulation and poor ventilation, So I too agree with John Z

If heat loss to the attic from the house and lack of attic ventilation are the causes of icicles on houses, why are you seeing them predominatly on the south side of homes and not the north and other sides?

Something is amiss with your reasoning.

Living in the WRONG part of the country!! Ef that noise :smiley:


Heat from the sun elevates the big icicles developing. there are still some on the North from heat loss but not 6 feet long. Unless the house is extreme in lacking insulation then yes the icicles can be as long as 6 feet on the North side.

Not only poor ventilation causes icicles.
Block, dirty out of slope gutters, downspouts can case this symptom.

Narrative is system related Ben.
Attics structure differ. ROOF STYLES.

Narrative in INSULATION section of my report.
Safety issue. Icicles send Canadians to the hospital every year.
Some through ladder related accidents from cleaning the icicles , others from having the projectiles fall on them.

**DEFICIENCY: INSULATION **Insufficient AMOUNT OR R VALUE ( R-restriction ) insulation in A VENTED attic space.
DEFICIENCY: VENTILATION; Insufficient baffle or chute ventilation and deck exhaust venting.
One baffle or chute vent is required for each roof deck truss or rafter spacing, per soffit space.
RECOMMEND: A.) INTAKE; Soffit venting baffles between each ( rafter or truss soffit ) space for increased air flow.
B.) EXHAUST: One roof deck vent for every 300 SQ.FT. of attic space.
To exhaust the attic’s interior RH and temperature. To condition the air to be equal to or close to the outside temperature and RH condition.
RECOMMEND: maximum required code. R32- to R40 of insulation for ventilated attic spaces.
This well reduce your energy bills and maintenance-cost of your home.

IRC CODE for unventilated roofing system.
LINKS TO ROOF AND ATTIC VENTILATION. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:gi-yes7Z-gQJ:www.airvent.com/pdf/literature/PAVbooklet.pdf+&hl=en&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjVTqNHKLZkMD89o2wjXqJuMvUDiR6Dp1f4_huH0efDHvW80uKCeSTUZCI7GwysjcyR43CNZGGg4ifbumRKoDgSTmk5Ruyr1HxpJiO2sjgAZLnboQl2_kOQ1wK2h0T10MzGS5sZ&sig=AHIEtbRjQyr2jKz-xqeC8eHiYHGOrK1I0g&pli=1
**2009 IRC, Section R806.4; 2012 IRC, Section R806.5, Unvented attic assemblies
**I would like feed back please.

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even if you have 2 foot of insulation in the attic, if you have leaks in the vapor barrier or some exaust fan that exiting on the attic you will get ice damming

soon as you get snow on the roof, this snow act as insulation and start to melt under, that produce water who is running under the snow, soon as it get at the suffit area (where the coldest part of the roof is) the water freeze and ice damming start

7 year ago i start to build a house in september, once the vapor barrier was install, i have apply 4 inch of insulation in the attic, i had no ventillation because i have installed a big tarp at the suffit area to prevent snow going in the attic

i had heat the house all winter long (we where working in it) and i never had any icicles on the roof

also ,on the sun set side the icicles are always bigger, this is cause by the sun radiation heat

Everyone “thinks” they know what causes this. Here is the truth.

The truth. So…don’t eat icycles.

every day i go on that forum i learn something new!


Hows this for ice dams!!!

WHEB 002 (Small).JPG

What astounds me Mr. Russel is the lack of energy and investigation to solve the obvious deficiency problem.
PS: That example looks like Niagara Falls after a long freeze.
What I here.
Well every one has icicles, every home has foundation cracks.
These are introduced through the seller, agents and neighbors in my opinion only and the public must be made aware of the damage and safety concerns…