A big thanks to Nick and the InterNACHI staff

Thank you for putting on yet again a wonderful Christmas Party and for all you do for the members of this great organization. I am proud to be a member of InterNACHI! Merry Christmas to you and your family and a safe New Years!

is it over?

You can tell by Shawn’s spelling he’s been at this all day! Merry Christmas-

No, but it is always good to say thanks, no other organization does this! Nick and his staff do alot for us members

I can tell by the way I read it, that ive been at it all day too. haha

Before the night ends. A heart felt thanks to Nick and the staff for this fun event and everything else you do year around. This was my first InterNACHI Christmas Party and was a kick. Looking forward to a prosperous 2017 with InterNACHI at my side.

Merry Christmas

I agree

Nope typing fast on my phone, I see what I did!

Thanks to Nick and staff…great party.

Thanks to Nick and the InterNACHI Staff. Merry Christmas everyone.

Yes a HUGE thank you to Nick and Staff! What a fun day. I have never been in an organization that gives so much back to the members!

Merry Christmas All!

Thank you NACHI. Thank you to the NACHI vendors who contributed. Also, thank you to the members who gave of themselves.

Thanks Nick and InterNACHI staff, especially those that now have to pack and ship everything.