Thanks, Nick

Thank you for the fun filled online party. I think I won a picture of some inspector in a thong and a shower at Penn State. Please throw in the pic of Paige Wyatt (even though I didn’t win) as it may be crucial to my self esteem.

Happy Holidays to InterNachi staff and fellow inspectors.

it was awesome thanks Nick.

Thanks Nick, New Years Party?

Thanks Nick for the great prizes. Merry Christmas to all.

Thanks! Nick, GREAT party!!!

Thanks Nick, let the good times roll!!!

My very first time since missed last year. It was far above expectation.
My sincere thanks to Santa Nick and his diligent crew, and also to all who made this a success, including the participants.

Merry Christmas.

Thanks Nick

Thank You to Nachi nation and happy holidays to all.

Is it all over or is this a 2 day event like last year?

Thanks Nick & NACHI,

This was the first year I was able to participate.

i couldnt make it but id like a tan hat please. hohohohoho

Thanks Nick, inspector outlet and crew. You all are the best!

Thanks again, Nick and Nachi staff!! I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Thanks Nick ?
Is it over…I was waiting for the good stuff.

Anybody win Lifetime membership this year?
No Gold ?

Darn…Even a case of “Now that you had a Home Inspection” would have been worth all the refresh.
(old cover of course) :slight_smile:

Not over yet.

William, I’ll get Paige to bring me some more and I’ll get you one.

Okay, I’m ready. When does the party start?

Thanks Nick! Nice gifts so far!


Thanks to Nick and all the vendors who made this possible.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to Nick and his staff…

Thank you very much… you guys are the best