A "builder's Home"

Hummmm surely nothing could be wrong with a builder’s home…


Nothing jumps out as obviously wrong based on the long distance photo you posted.

Have to keep in mind that the work by the various trades is only as good as the people he hired. He’s not holding everyone’s hand during construction.

Joe, I’d agree to a point but if I’m the builder, and it’s going to be my house and I’m just a little bit familiar with what’s going on…I’m probably going to say, what’s that about. To your point, yep…can’t be holding hands…understand that, just wonder what happened to the building inspector :slight_smile:

Are we saying it’s okay to bundle romex under one clamp?


If you’re talking about double-tapped neutrals, it looks sort-of like it, but I can’t confirm it from the photo you posted.

Regarding the builder, I doubt he knows much about electricity. Most don’t.

I will give you this: my antenna go way up when I know I’m inspecting a home the builder lives in, or one the electrician lives in, the plumber lives in, etc.

I’m with you on that! Any thoughts on the bundling/clamp issue?

That’s a romex connector I’m not familiar with, but it doesn’t stand out to me as a problem. I couldn’t tell that any of the wiring was adjacent to the sharp edges of the panel.

I’ll defer to a sparky on this one.

I’d be interested in knowing if a clamp exists that allows for more than two cables to be run through it? I called it out under 312.5C, was that wrong?

You are correct that most clamps are only listed for use with 2 or less cables. You have an issue the way it is installed with those clamps.

Thanks Jim! For whatever reason there seems to be quite a bit of confusion on this topic or maybe it’s just me. Can someone weigh in on whether this type of bundling would require derating?

Bueller, Anyone, Anyone?

Thanks Jeffery. Greatly appreciate the response on derating, looks like it has NO affect.

In your particular example, correct.

Glad to help.


Bundling is not the issue on this application because I cant see high enough to know if they are bundled for more than 24 inches. The problem is that those connectors are not designed for that many cables. They are atomics but the amount of cables in those far exceed the allowable number. The problem is where you elevate it because the municipal must have approved it…so they either dont have munucipal inspections or the Inspector was uneducated in the field he is working in.

The clamp itself is in violation of it’s listing NEC 110.3B. Also it is indeed a violation of 312.5© so basically their are code violations…now you have to determine if they are safety concerns.

Paul, greatly appreciate you weighing in on this!

Tomic connectors like shown in the photo seem to be mainly packaged with dryer and range cords and receptacles. I have never seen a listing with them although if I were to guess I would say that they are probably only for use with 1 cable or cord.

I think what Paul’s sayn is if you used say 2 1/2 " pvc by 24 inches with a MA and locknut you can bundle all the branch circuits in the chase. Larger dedicated circuits would need thier own MA’s or romex connectors all secured within 12 inches from the panel

am I close?