A/C Age

I need an age of a Addison condenser unit. Any help would be appreciated.

Model # 5FC1042C-1
Serial # 28802257293

Thank you

Looks like 1980 to me, but that’s a guess. Call Addison at 407-292-4400 for verification.

Are you sure the first four of the S# are correct?


If so, I would say the link info is crossed.

Thanks. I think it is a 1980 also. I tryied calling addison, they are closed today(Friday). I will try again on Monday.

If the 5 is a S, then the unit was built between 1986 - 1988. According to Preston’s Guide.

Hey Buck I got a picture for you of last weeks inspection. What do you think can we save it or is it passed its time.:shock:

Time to go.