Need a little help

Trying to figure age of Nordyne system
Condenser unit: Model # FT3BC-48K Serial #FT3000752480
Air handler Model # B3BM-060K-C Serial # B3B000906295

Also, from what I’m seeing the condenser unit is 4 ton. It looks like the air handler is 5 ton. From what I know you can only be different by about 1/2 ton.
Can someone give some insight here?

Have you tried

Looks like Sept of 2000 on air handler.

I would say 30th week of 2000 on the condenser unit. doesn’t break Model numbers, only Serial numbers.

Looks like 2000 for both units.

Thats why I used the serial number :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops… my bad.
Didn’t see the S#.
Got up too early this morning to start vehicles in this -17f cold crap! :neutral: