A/C condenser discoloring on fins

2018 Payne 2.5 ton condenser. Has anyone ever come across this before. Fins were brownish / red almost looked like corrosion at first. This was just installed last year. Thanks for any help with this

Is this a shore property?


Yes it is on the bay. We inspect a lot of homes near the ocean. I usually see the cages rusting out even on a 2 or 3 year old but never have i seen fins like this

You thinking salt water in the air, Peter?


Yes, that was my first thought.


Hey Peter i think I figured it out. Looks like an anti corrosion coating applied to condenser fins near coastal areas



Great! We all learned something tonight. Thank you


Thanks guys

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Even this old bird did… :grin:

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Do they have male dogs?

Don’t go there…

Drew- looks like someone tookk off the coating cleaning the coil with too much chemical mix… (if it is that new).

It crossed my mind originally. Fins are typically made of aluminum I thought. Would they show up as almost a copper color if a protective coating was removed?

The copper color is the coating. It is Alu Fin color coming through.

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Well this is a tricky one because they make these products specifically this color

I am going to have to ask my HVAC guy who installs in the area and coastal installations in the morning before I send this report out. I dont want to call something an issue when there was no other need for HVAC on the job but if you’re correct and you may very well be someone needs to look at it

They do but the condenser is 4 ft off the ground on a platform

You could always question the homeowner they would know most likely🤔