A/C line set through roof vent.

I understand that routing this line-set through a roof vent compromises the vents ability to vent but is this a serious defect requiring remediation? This is a 1970 house in Irvine Ca.

Are you sure you understand what is going on there?

Hazard .
Yes defiantly not allowed needs to be changed by a Qualified Electrician

Electrician??? That’s a line set Roy…refrigerant lines.

I think it’s fine BTW. I don’t think that is a plumbing vent, and if it was, there would be no way to get the lines to the unit.

Thanks I goofed I still do not think it should go through a vent .

I did not look close enough. AC line to me was Electric , Not Air Conditioning

It’s more likely a pitch pan…very common.

Some may understand it more like a pitch pocket. Depending on the area.

Same thing I guess.