A find for Nick


I saw this in the garage of a house I inspected the other day and I thought of you, the owner told me it’s for sale. I know it’s a long way from your home but I wasn’t sure how far you would go for one of these. This appeared to be complete & in great shape with some rusting.

If your interested let me know & I’ll hook you up with the seller. Because of all you do for me and all of us, no finder fee will be added. :smiley:


You’ll need one of those all restored and ready to go when the internet or grid goes down.

Or a NG powered back-up generator.


Natural gas?

Yeah right. I don’t think you understand.

Explain yourself.

FYI, when or if the grid goes down NG will still flow, powering power plants big & small.

What do you think will power the stove that Nick said one would need in the event of power loss? FYI again just in case you go there - Propane is a byproduct of NG.

If the grid or the internet go down for 24 hours… there is no food at the grocery stores, so you should (at a minimum) have some water and food stored.

Nick’s Big Survival List starts about 1/2 way down in http://www.nachi.org/emergency-inspector-help.htm

Michael will approve of the first 2 items I suspect.

Haha! Why a camo Bible?

Why do you think? Too bad it’s not waterproof.